Vision ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma)

Advanced Vacuum’s Vision ICP provides advanced etch capability for R&D and prototyping, low volume production for processes benefiting from high density plasma, and a load-lock. Based on tried and trusted designs utilizing Plasma-Therm ICP technology, the Vision ICP delivers the capabilities needed for demanding applications.

Robust construction, ease of use, and reliability coupled with a low maintenance requirements and a small cleanroom footprint, make the Vision ICP a productive addition to any facility involved in semiconductor or materials research.


  • Load-lock handling for chamber isolation
  • Up to 10 gas channels
  • Close coupled, corrosive compatible turbo pump for high conductance
  • 2 MHz inductively coupled source for high density and low capacitive coupling
  • Flexible substrate loading 2” to 8” wafers
  • Substrate temperature control with backside helium and edge mechanical clamping
  • Wide temperature range availability (-180°C to +400°C
  • CE/UL compliant
  • DeviceNet (digital) field bus for faster, more accurate, and trouble free operation
  • Automated chamber opening for easy maintenance access
  • Best-of-breed OEM components (standard “off the shell”) for fast parts availability
  • Digital MFCs (metal sealed, isolated)
  • Compact footprint (<0.6 m2) with throughwall or free standing installation
  • Endpoint options for optical emission spectroscopy, laser reflectivity and laser interferometry


  • User friendly Digital communication using DeviceNet
  • Data logging and recipe management through open SQL Server environment
  • Integrated endpoint control
  • Alarm history, multiple user access levels, on-the-fly recipe control
  • Real-time process data display
  • Easy and safe override maintenance screens


  • Extensive process library that includes
    • Dielectrics (e.g. SiNx, SiO2, a-Si, SiOxNy, Ta2O5)
    • Metals (fluorine based or sputtered etched)
    • Polymers (e.g. polyimide, BCB, photoresist)
    • Compound Semiconductors (fluorine based, e.g. SiC)




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