TVC 225

Advanced Vacuum’s TVC 225 is a fully automated and programmable system for large volume component and assembly testing. Multiple sensors and independently temperature controlled zones provide efficient operation by saving power and liquid nitrogen. Closely controlling temperature, stability, and ramping, contributes to the high performance and reliability of results. The large volume of the TVC 225 is ideal for large space bound.


  • Large controlled volume (2.25 m3)
  • Configurable test ports for component power and monitoring (up to 20)
  • High test weight capable (150 kg)
  • Low base pressure with fast, controllable pumpdown (<1x10-6 mbar)
  • Wide temperature range (-180°C to +200°C standard, custom ranges available)
  • Steady state temperature control to <±1°C
  • Ramp temperature stability within ±3°C
  • 35 independent temperature sensors
  • 15 independently controlled temperature zones
  • Large heating and cooling capacity (3 kW/zone, LN2)
  • Vent up optionally MFC controlled
  • CE/UL compliant
  • DeviceNet (digital) field bus for faster, more accurate, and trouble free operation
  • Best-of-breed OEM components (standard “off the shell”) for fast parts availability


  • Programmable temperature ramp and temperature cycling with automatic execution
  • Fully automatic vacuum operation
  • Data logging utilizes ANSI ISA 88 standard for traceability
  • SQL server used for data storage and data management
  • User friendly Digital communication using DeviceNet
  • Alarm history, multiple user access levels, on-the-fly recipe control
  • Real-time process data display
  • Easy and safe override maintenance screens




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