At Advanced Vacuum, our team is highly motivated by the common goal of innovation and creativity. We brought together talented people from diverse backgrounds to bring a high quality product and service to our customers. Working in an energetic environment, our employees are motivated to bring forth new ideas to better serve the customer. By fulfilling the needs of the customer, the customer can focus on pushing the limits of technology and innovation.


Advanced Vacuum is located in the coastal municipal Lomma in the dynamic Øresund Region. The Øresund Region consists of Southern Sweden and Eastern Denmark. It is one of the most dynamic Regions in Europe with over 3.8 million inhabitants on both the Danish and Swedish sides. Developed into a sophisticated business region, the region generates a quarter of the combined GDP of Sweden and Denmark. The Øresund Region is one of three Danish Straites that connects the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic. It is one of the busiest waterways in the world. The two sides of the Region, Copenhagen and Malmöare are connected by a fixed link, the Øresund Bridge. There are also ferries sailing the route between Helsingborg and Elsinore.



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