Complimentary to failure analysis is component stress testing under harsh environmental conditions to ensure reliability. Subjecting components or materials to high and low temperatures is a well-known technique for accelerated life testing. When combined with a sub-atmospheric pressure, the technique is part of the procedure for qualifying space-bound components, materials, or modules. Understanding their behavior prior to launch, is essential as they will be operating where it is usually impossible or at a minimum exorbitantly costly to repair. 

The space industry relies on chambers where maintaining and cycling extreme temperatures can be accomplished efficiently, safely and with high repeatability. The chambers that are required can be cooled with liquid nitrogen down to <-180°C and up to +200°C while maintaining a vacuum pressure approximating that of outer space. Providing such environments with reduced thermal emission and low temperature isolation is a challenge that Advanced Vacuum has met with proprietary and patented technology. Chambers of various sizes and shapes are needed to accommodate the variety of components, parts, and assemblies used in space craft such as satellites. From simple mechanisms to complex electronics or large solar panels, all must be tested and qualified for their mission. Advanced Vacuum satisfies the broad supply chain for spacecraft with both standard and custom environment control chambers.

In addition to turn-key plasma processing chambers and thermal vacuum chambers, Advanced Vacuum provides unique system solutions for custom applications. For example, systems have ranged from latent fingerprint recovery using vacuum metal deposition to central vacuum solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. Another example is vacuum pumping systems that can handle corrosive environments and are EX compliant. Advanced Vacuum’s is able to use their broad expertise in vacuum and controls to design and construct entire systems as well as provide upgrades for cost-effective solutions.

Typical Applications

  • Accelerated life testing
    • Temperature cycling
    • Steady state temperature testing
    • Wafer debonding




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